Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Event Marketing

Unique, effective, functional and memorable design should be the top priority of any event. If you would like to have a memorable conference or summit but don’t have a marketing department to help you with the look and design of your event… we are here to work with you, ensuring your brand presence is optimized and aptly positioned for your target audience.
Our design services include: Creative concept development & event logo design, brochures, posters, backdrop design, banners, event program design, web graphics, custom lanyards and name badges, print and web advertising, invitations and announcements and more.


We believe developing a clear and attractive brand is crucial for business success.
Either you are a nonprofit organization, global corporation, a start-up, or just a self-employed, our team can help you develop a brand identity aligned with your business goals and values, setting you up for long-term success and recognition in the market.

Logo Design

A logo is the central element of a brand's identity, that’s why your company’s logo should be powerful and easily memorable. You may either want to create a new logo from scratch, redesign your current logo to appear modern and up-to-date, or you just want to create an alternative in order to make it more universal, GPC Consulting can help you to design a clear, concise, flexible, timeless, appropriate and memorable logo that adequately conveys the true face of your brand, allowing you to build brand loyalty and increase customer retention.


Every business needs a catchy name, new businesses need to create one and existing businesses might be considering a change.
Our team can help you create a distinctive, compelling name for your product, service or business.

Brochure & Booklet Design

A brochure is an excellent instrument for your marketing and is one of the most cost-effective traditional marketing methods to promote your brand and reach the right customers.
Our team can help you design a stunning brochure that creates a favorable impression of your business and effectively promote your products and/or services in a professional way that will attract new clients and retain old customers.
In case you need to provide your clients with specific information about your products or services, our staff can design a booklet that will be visually attractive to your customers and capture your audience's attention.

Poster & Flyer Design

Our team can create the perfect design that will effectively advertise your event or ensure the successful marketing of your offers, products and services, with a well-designed poster and/or flyer.
We design all sizes and types of posters and flyers for marketing purposes, events, showrooms, wall decorations and much more.

Annual Report Design

Annual reports are a great way to provide managing partners, investors, stakeholders and any other interested parties with an overview of your organization’s financial health and stating mandatory information, but more than just reporting facts from the past year, your annual report should be considered as an opportunity to share your vision, reinforce your brand and focus on the objectives that your organization wants to achieve in the coming years.
Our team will help you to present your data, highlighting your impact, outlining your financial performance in a strong design and an easy-to-understand and comprehensible format.We design all sizes and types of posters and flyers for marketing purposes, events, showrooms, wall decorations and much more.